Contest on Memoirs

Are you one of those who love memoirs, reading and writing them? If you like writing novels, short stories or personal essays based on autobiographical experiences, here’s one contest you might like to take part in.

Memoirs, Ink have announced the guidelines for their writing contest. The last date for an entry is August 15. Anyone can participate from anywhere in the world as long as you pay the $15 entry fee! If you want to aim for the $1000 first prize, go right ahead and all the best to you!

I personally am very fond of memoirs. I guess this stems from having read many of them at a young age. Most of the memoirs I read came from leading military figures of the Second World War. I think they gave me excellent perspectives of that monumental war . I also developed a major interest in things military which have stayed with me till now.

On a more personal note, I did have ( or should I say I do have) a personal blog called “Looking At Life“. This has some elements of  early memories of my childhood. Memoirs is simply too grandiose a term for them!

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