20 % Discount on Flipkart

It’s been over 8 months since ICBY was released and I am glad it continues to have brisk sales! It is currently offered with a 20 % discount at Flipkart. As mentioned in past posts, I feel great to see ICBY consistently feature within the top 70 in the list of titles under the “Suspense” category in Flipkart.The recent list shows it at No. 65 out of 18442 titles in that category. What makes me feel so good is that great writers like Mario Puzo, John Grisham, Robin Cook, Robert Ludlum etc feature in the same list. I consider that a great honour for myself!

2 thoughts on “20 % Discount on Flipkart

  1. Great reading. I could not lay the book down till I reached the end. I liked the way historical facts were woven into the fabric of the story.I strongly recommend this book

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