TIME list of Best Non-Fiction

I like non-fiction just as I like fiction. Memories of my childhood are replete with many biographies and autobiographies particularly of military leaders after the Second World War. If, like me, you enjoy non-fiction, here’s a list for the connoisseur. TIME magazine has put together its list of the 100 Top Non-Fiction books since 1923.

Why 1923? That was the year TIME magazine was launched. This is a precious list. You can savour the contents at leisure. In the biography/autobiography section you will find, President Barak Obama’s ” Dreams From My Father”  and one of my personal favourite books, Stephen King’s excellent work ” On Writing“.

Another old favourite is William L. Shirer’s ” Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”.  I am glad Pulitzer prize-winning ‘ The Emperor of all Maladies” by Siddharta Mukherjee finds a place.

Thanks to the editors at TIME for putting together this terrific list.

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