On My Reading List- H.T. Narea

Hi-Fi, yes; Wi-Fi too but Fi-Fi? In case you are foxed, Fi-Fi stands for finance fiction. In the larger ambit of the thriller genre, here comes one more- the financial thriller.I was intrigued to read this interview recently called ” Money, Greed and Power”.  etc etc in the financial portal MyDigitalFC, owned by the Financial Chronicle. I wish they had put a more snappy title instead. The interview was with H. T. Narea, author of ‘The Fund”. It looks really interesting. I don’t know whether you have read this but I am putting it down in my reading list.

Narea’s experience as an international investment banker will obviously come through in this work of fiction. The book has got great reviews and to think this is his debut novel. Congratulations, Mr. Narea! May you write many more best sellers.


2 thoughts on “On My Reading List- H.T. Narea

    1. Sure, James, it is. Looks as if after sci-fi, fi-fi might catch the imagination of people today, considering the economic circumstances everywhere:)

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