Reconfiguring The Blog

I am sorry. I haven’t given this blog the attention it deserves. I have now decided to reconfigure the blog.

I would have loved to have separate Pages for each of my books and writing projects. I started this blog with this objective in mind. Sadly, it didn’t work that way. I found that all I could do was to add “comments” and not “posts” on each of these Pages.  Not being tech savvy, I couldn’t lick this problem and perhaps this was the main reason why the blog was neglected, in a manner of speaking.

I have now chosen to be more creative to fix the issue. I will settle for the easier option of creating distinct “Categories” for each of my books and writing projects. Hopefully, all the posts will now come on the blog with posts relating to any one book/project being accessible by checking under that particular category.

Let’s see how this works and take it from there.

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