Reader’s comment on “Lucky For Some, 13”

It’s comments like these from readers that make your day as an author. Here is what Subhash Nayak wrote on the FB Page for “Prem Rao, Storyteller.”:-
Thoroughly enjoyed “Lucky For Some, 13″ from start to finish! The vivid descriptions of each of the characters; the buildup of how certain events and people in one’s life could convert an ordinary person into a terrorist; the plot set up in Bangalore with the familiar streets and landmarks; the brutality with which the hostage situation plays out; and the nail biting operation to flush out the terrorists – all make for a very interesting thriller that quite literally is unputdownable! The epilogue is the icing on the cake as the author subtly observes that some things could, but would, never change. Look forward to the next novel :-)”

“Lucky For Some, 13” can be ordered from Amegabooks, HomeShop 18 or Flipkart amongst many on-line portals.


2 thoughts on “Reader’s comment on “Lucky For Some, 13”

  1. Amazing story telling ability Mr Rao, your second effort seems to be even better than the first one, which I liked immensely.
    Having read many fictions in the thriller/suspense category one takes a little pride in being able to “predict” the next step, but Mr Rao has nicely positioned his plot such that one never succeds!!
    I finished the whole book in one go; could not put it down.

    Look forward to the next one, Mr Rao

    all the best!


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