Evolving As A Thriller Writer

It’s been  over two years since my debut novel, “ It Can’t Be You”( Cedar, 2010)  was published.  Since then I have written and had published an anthology of short stories titled, ” He Sees Everything & Other Short Stories” (Smashwords, 2011) and another thriller, “Lucky For Some, 13.” (Mahaveer, 2012.)

I started writing full-time rather late in life, as you might know. I was 59 when my debut novel was published. I had spent most of my working life, over 35 years,  as a Human Resources and Talent Management specialist, firstly in the corporate sector and later for a decade as an entrepreneur and independent consultant.

It was perhaps inevitable that I would be frequently asked if I had written about “People Management” or ” Organizational Development” and things of that kind. Indeed most people were shocked when they came to know that I had written fiction, and even more shocked when I told them I wrote thrillers.

I guess the urge to write thrillers came from my reading interests as a kid. I was a major fan of James Hadley Chase, Ian Fleming, Alistair MacLean, Frederick Forsyth, and Jack Higgins, to name but a few. It was natural therefore for me to attempt to write a thriller first.

What makes me, or anyone else like to write thrillers? I liked this interesting article by Matt Richtel in the New York Times. I thought about it and I can say I don’t think I had any such experiences as Matt had which influenced me to become a thriller writer.




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