The Boston bombs : Truth & Fiction

A bomb blast at a famous sporting event.  The Boston Marathon. Kills 3 people and leaves over 180 injured. The first major attack of this type in the US since 9/11.

A key suspect , many on Twitter have it, is a young man who has been missing since March 16, over a month ago. His name is Sunil Tripathi.

A dead of night shoot out in an University town leaves a police office gunned down. One of the two perpetrators is killed in this gun battle.

A lockdown brings a major city to a grinding halt. This is unprecedented.

The remaining perpetrator is apprehended after a gunfight

A realization dawns that the missing man/ original ” suspect” has nothing to do with this case whatsoever.

A major investigation is on. Who were these guys? Why did they do what they did?

The fact that they are from Chechnya which has had a history of internecine warfare makes their motives, still unknown, all the more suspect.

Would these events make a great thriller? They happened in front of our eyes. This is not fiction, these are facts which rocked the US and Boston in particular over the last week.

In my thriller, “Lucky For Some, 13” the plot has a terror organisation recruiting people you might never imagine could be terrorists. Indeed, truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

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