P for “People at Work & Play” # A to Z Challenge

I started blogging in 2006 and  today for me P is for “People at Work & Play” one of my earliest blogs. At that time I was a practising Human Resources professional. I had a small consulting firm called “People 1st Consulting” and it was natural that most posts were related to issues concerning career, work/life balance, talent acquisition & development and the like.

The statistics speak for themselves. It has as on April 17, 2014, 1206 posts and 263,109 page views. One of the most popular of my posts was a series which I called  “A Step A Day” where for a year or more I shared some professional advice every single day. It included posts like ” 7 Characteristics of Ineffective Team Members” posted in Feb 2008  which remains till date the most viewed with over 21, 600 views.

I was fascinated by how people struggled the world over to strike a balance,, if at all that is possible between the demands of work and the demands of their families. You will therefore find a large number of posts on work/life balance and how people I have known or read about tried to cope with some tough challenges. If these pressures aren’t managed  successfully, they could take a toll on either your career or your family life.

In 2010, I hung up my professional boots and took to full-time writing. Over time I could see the changes in what I wrote about in what had been my premier blog. It was no longer about the issues discussed earlier. It became more broad based and had more posts on sports, politics and writing.  I now average a post a week.  I hope to keep it that way.

Sometimes, I have wondered if I should close this blog but an attachment to it makes me continue to post even though I do so much less frequently than I did during my prime.


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