S for Simon and Garfunkel : #A to Z Challenge

Frankly, I don’t know too much about today’s popular singers. When I think back of the music and songs that I have loved, the names of Simon and Garfunkel come to my mind, so for me today S is for Simon and Garfunkel. To better appreciate their songs and music you must know something about those far away days in the ’60s. I think their story is so well described in their website.

Here, you can find a fund of information about them, their early days, (both were born in the same year, 1941), the context in which they made their music and how they became successful.  Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel thrilled my generation as very few others did. I still recall music from the 1967 movie, “The Graduate” which included some lovely numbers like ” The Sounds of Silence.” Here is a list of their albums, each one better than the other.

In those days, we had LPs ( long-playing records) and I have a collection of some of these oldies. The songs were brilliant  as was the music. I remember the words of some of them like ” The Sounds of Silence.” ” I am A Rock” and my particular favourite, ” The Boxer.”  I maintain that some of the best songs are the old ones. After all, didn’t the Beatles have an album with that delightful name of “Oldies but Goldies.”

Before I sign off, here’s a link to “The Boxer” which remains for me, one of their best songs.

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