W for Writing Tips

As a full-time writer, W for me today is for Writing Tips. Since I became a writer by choice some four years ago, I have benefitted from thousands of writing tips, thanks to the internet. I am deeply grateful to so many who have contributed such tips which hopefully have helped me become a better writer. Writing is a skill and the only way you can improve your writing is to write more, and more.

I have found Daily Writing Tips to be an excellent resource. It covers grammar, contemporary usage of words and is full of useful tip for writers. Their ‘word of the day’ is an excellent way to improve your vocabulary. Here’s something that I would like to share with you. It is common to assume that you can become a good writer because you know the basics. You feel your vocabulary is more than adequate and you have a good understanding of basic grammar. That may be true for most of us, but do recognise that there still is a lot to learn in order to become perfect in our writing.

Buzzfeed has these  “30 Indispensable Writing Tips”  from great authors. Study them at leisure. You don’t have to attempt to use all of them right away. Understand them and use what applies most to you. Each of us has a different writing style and our needs for improvement could differ vastly. Do what works best for you.

You may like to drop by later and check out the many writing tips in this blog under the category, “On Writing: Resources for Writers.”

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