Are you using Pinterest, Mr. Author?

It’s become a cliché now to say that writing is only a small part of the author’s job. There is so much to do in the realm of marketing, branding and so on, that one sometimes winders if more time is spent on these activities than on the core activity of writing itself.  I can’t recall who led me to starting an author page on Pinterest. I am sorry I have forgotten your name but I can’t forget to thank you for your idea.Pinterest is one more of the many social media platforms. It is growing really fast and I have begun to love it although I have been a relatively late entrant. Pinterest was started in May 2010 and already has millions of unique visitors spanning different interest groups.

The first step is to sign up for an account on Pinterest, for free, of course.  Remember that Pinterest lends itself more to items with visual appeal rather than masses of text. This said, it’s up to you how you manage your Author Page. My objective was to let readers know something about me, my books: those that I loved to read, as well as those that I wrote myself. I also wanted to share some interesting quotes about books and writing in general.

After planning all this, here’s what I have done on my Author Page.  I have listed different “boards” as the collections of pictures are called, for :

  • My Favourite Authors
  • My Favourite Books
  • My Published Books
  • On Books and Writing
  • About myself

I have also got separate boards for each of my four published books, so that a common board for them won’t get all cluttered and mixed up considering the books were published at different points in time. I like to think my Author Page in Pinterest gives my reader as well as potential reader more information about me as a person and an author.

If you haven’t done so already, I would recommend you make that Author Page quickly, Mr. Author. It will form a vital part of your branding over time.




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