Aren’t You On Twitter?

I have been on Twitter for a while now. I took to what was then a relatively new experience in August 2007, which now seems oh so long ago!  I would recommend that if you are an author, you really should be on Twitter too. If, however, you already are on Twitter, then much of what I have to say may already been known to you. If on the other hand, you haven’t yet experienced Twitter, here are a few points that may persuade you to do so:-

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Character Lists

Today’s post, I must confess was triggered by this post on Character Lists in Marla Madison’s blog.

Do you remember books which listed the key characters in them? Here, for example, is a Character List from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

I liked this idea personally. I haven’t used this in any of my books but hope to do so in a work in progress project.  In addition to the points made by Marla in her blog, I believe the following are worth keeping in mind, if you plan to use a List of Characters: Continue reading “Character Lists”

Stories About Writers

When you imagine what it is like to be a writer different images flash to different people. Many believe the writer is one who stays in his den, banging away the whole day at his keyboard, dead to the world outside. Others see the archetypical writer as being a rather arty kind of figure who lives in his own world often divorced from reality. I though today, I would share a few interesting and heart warming stories about people of my tribe, the writers. Continue reading “Stories About Writers”

Interesting Blogs on Writing

As always, I am on the look out for interesting blogs that have material useful to fellow writers. Many authors are generous with their tips and share their experiences. I have gained from some of these blogs and hope that budding writers would gain from some of the posts I share on this blog. Here is a selection of blogs/blog posts that caught my attention recently:- Continue reading “Interesting Blogs on Writing”