Stories About Writers

When you imagine what it is like to be a writer different images flash to different people. Many believe the writer is one who stays in his den, banging away the whole day at his keyboard, dead to the world outside. Others see the archetypical writer as being a rather arty kind of figure who lives in his own world often divorced from reality. I though today, I would share a few interesting and heart warming stories about people of my tribe, the writers.

Answering the oft-repeated question of how much of an author’s story comes from real life experience is this article I would urge you to read. It is in The Huffington Post by Elin Hilderbrand. I am sure it would move you as it did me.  Speaking from my own experience, I have often felt that events I have written about have come true in one way or the other.

In another interesting article, the Canadian author Thomas King shares his views on how non-fiction can be made more interesting for the reader. He believes that the time has come for  writers of non-fiction to bring in their personal stories into their work to set them apart.

The writer is a human being with warts and all. It is quite common to believe that writers probably are much like the characters they write about in their own lives, but this is not necessarily true. Many writers, in real life, are very different kinds of people from the characters they create out of their imagination!

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