Interesting Blogs on Writing

As always, I am on the look out for interesting blogs that have material useful to fellow writers. Many authors are generous with their tips and share their experiences. I have gained from some of these blogs and hope that budding writers would gain from some of the posts I share on this blog. Here is a selection of blogs/blog posts that caught my attention recently:-

  • Angela Booth shares her take on writing fiction. You might say the approach is rather simplistic , but then you need to be inspired to write and Angela does just that. Use your imagination, she says. After all, in writing fiction, imagination is crucial to transform stray ideas in your head to interesting reading.
  • Covering a broader canvas of freelance writing, John Soares gives his tips in “8 Ways to Increase the Joy of Freelance Writing.” His ideas help you get the most out of a scarce resource: the time available to you.
  • The last choice for today is from a tweet by my friend, Damyanti who pointed me to these free podcasts on writing from The Writers’ Circle. I would recommend that you bookmark this site and listen to the podcasts once in a while, when you feel you need a break from your regular writing schedule. It may not be prudent to saturate your mind by listening to all of them at one go.

So here you are. There is a wealth of good material out there. It’s for you to make the best use of it. Best wishes.

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