Writing Non-Fiction

I haven’t had any of my non-fiction published-yet! However, I am as interested in writing non-fiction as I am in writing fiction. In the non-fiction space, I am particularly interested and drawn towards works on military history and psychology, amongst other areas. How do you go about making a non-fiction project , to start with ?  Sharing some tips from those who are expert in their fields:

The first place to start is to make a book proposal. If the proposal doesn’t fly, it’s unlikely that your non-fiction work will  ever see the light of day. Maria Vicente, Associate Literary Agent at P S Literary Agency shares what should constitute the “7 Sections of a Non-Fiction Book Proposal.” I believe such articles are very useful to those who may not know the ropes, so to speak. Thank, Maria for giving us such a lot of information in a concise manner. Which reminds me, I think the toughest part of non-fiction writing is to be able to write concisely without beating about the bush.

You may like to read what Chad Allen has to say on “The Little Known Secret To Writing A Bestselling Non Fiction Book.” in Author Media. Factors like researching interest in the topic you plan to write on, and the need to understand what sells in the present market place are points which many writers ignore, at their own peril.


2 thoughts on “Writing Non-Fiction

  1. Very interesting! I generally write fiction, but you make non-fiction seem like the next logical step. Very good post!!

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