The Villain

Enjoyed reading Pat Newcombe’s blog post on villains in her Thriller Writers Blog. I am sure you will too, especially if you like the suspense/mystery/thriller genre. This set me thinking on what I would like to see and not see in a villain!

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Make Your Dialogues Count

Books are not just about action- not even thrillers. As I write my second book “Lucky For Some, Thirteen” I am conscious of the fact that dialogues enhance the quality of your writing or bring it down. They are sometimes taken for granted. We write them any old way believing the strength of our plot will make the book sail through. This is a huge mistake.

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Learnings As A Writer

In a sense I guess a book is never fully complete. I say so because the scope for improving your writing is boundless. Yet, we need to stop somewhere  as there is no limit to the extent of editing that you can do. My second book is getting ready. Yes, “Lucky For Some, Thirteen” is now almost complete. I would like to share some learnings today. Continue reading “Learnings As A Writer”

Write In A Rush, Edit At Leisure

Guess what? I haven’t looked at my NaNo 2010 effort since  I finished the required 50,000 words to qualify as having completed NaNo successfully. I find that editing and polishing your writing take much more time and effort than writing the first draft. I am sure this must be your experience too. As I have learnt over the short time, I have started writing in earnest ” Write In A Rush, Edit At Leisure”.

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Story Openings

To be honest, I didn’t quite realize the significance of the first few lines of the story until I became serious about learning to write. To justify my point, let me ask you something. You have read hundreds of books. How many first lines do you remember?  Probably none, might be an honest answer.  However, if you think about it deeply, if you are in the business of writing

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