It’s All About Your Characters

Yes, I am one of those who strongly believe that the success of your story depends upon the way you shape your characters. I guess it’s all about the characters. This thought comes to the fore in a recent interview I had with the well-known Indian Book Reviews.  You can catch the interview in full at their website here.

I would love to hear from you. Do you feel, as I do, that in a psychological thriller the characters are as important if not more important than the plot itself?. As I said in the interview you could have a great plot but it would fall through without the support of strong characters.

5 thoughts on “It’s All About Your Characters

  1. Characters in a book are what drive the book, literally. When I start readin a book that’s fast-paced, but has loosely-hanging characters, I’d rather put it down.

  2. Hope you don’t mind if I keep rambling 🙂

    The thing is, the two can’t be separated.

    People think that plot is action, but it’s not. To create an absurd example, you could describe an ant crossing the lawn; it might be beautifully written and have lots of “action” but it’s not plot.

    Plot is action plus something a character does — either a reaction or some act of volition (character makes a decision, choice, etc.)

    Create a character, plop him down into an imaginary world, and plot happens, because sooner or later the character is going to do something.

    As a writer, that’s the point at which I find myself exhilarated, because suddenly things start to happen which I recognize as “natural” within the world of the book, but which I didn’t necessarily plan. I didn’t know, when I started my latest WIP, that one of my main characters was going to end up in Mongolia, but he did — and he deserved it — and it still cracks me up, the way the world he occupies pranked him so beautifully.

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