“Lucky For Some, Thirteen”

Do you remember the old game of Bingo? It was awfully popular during my childhood. We waited with bated breath while the announcer called out the numbers and we scrambled to see if they appeared on our sheets. We tried to win prizes for “Top Line”, “Quick Five” and many more with the Full House being the ultimate prize.

Years later I still remember some of the cracks from the announcer who called out the numbers . “Legs” were for 11, ” Two Little Ducks” for 22 and “Two Fat Ladies” for 88 are some of the few I recall vividly.  My second novel ” Lucky For Some, Thirteen” takes its name from this backdrop. “Lucky For Some” sang out the announcer when the number 13 was called out.

What’s the book about? A terrorist plot based on the premise that the best of technology solutions crumble in the face of greed, the worst of human emotions, is thwarted by another human trait- that of patriotism!

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