It’s Never Too Late To Write

They say there is no age bar to be a writer. I can agree most heartily as my debut novel  “It Can’t Be You” a psychological thriller was published a few weeks before my 59th birthday.

I was amazed the other day to find a lady on Twitter who wrote her debut novel aged 71. Read about Ann Carbine Best here. This is most inspiring.

Also, meet Jerry Dubs who took to writing after a career in journalism. I related to him as we are of the same age:)

So, it’s never really too late to write, to fulfill a dream that many have of writing a book. Moreover with the eBook market throwing open immense opportunities, it’s a wholly new ball game out there.

My suggestions, as one of the Oldies Who Became Writers brigade:-

  • Don’t tax yourself too much. It is hard work but don’t over stress and beat yourself up if everything doesn’t go according to your plans (read: dreams)
  • Make sure you truly enjoy what you are doing because this is going to suck up huge amounts of your time. It’s also quite addictive as you go along.
  • Have modest expectations because life as a writer isn’t always a bed of roses. Things often look more glamorous than they are.
Finally as most authors have discovered, in the end it’s the quality of your writing that gets you readers, not who you are or for that matter how old you are!

4 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late To Write

  1. I’m always looking for new writer friends. So you can imagine my pleasure when through Twitter I got an email message that brought me here.

    How lovely of you to mention my memoir. We “older” people do have the experience the younger ones don’t; subjects to write about!

    And I’m glad I just found the link that takes me to the U.S. Amazon site where I can buy your book, It’s Never Too Late.

    I’m going to put up a post, probably tomorrow, to tell my blogger friends about you and hopefully drive some traffic your way.

    I’m very happy to meet you!

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