The pre-order trend

These days you would have noticed a trend. Many articles, including books, are available on pre-order. This is a great way to build up publicity for your book. As the name suggests, this means you pay for and book a book in this case ( pardon the pun) before it is released. Usually pre-orders give you the advantage of a very attractive price, which makes it all the more beneficial for you the buyer. Continue reading “The pre-order trend”

Pre Order LFS13 at HomeShop18

Here’s more exciting news! “Lucky For Some, 13” is now available on pre order at HomeShop18. At this price, it’s a steal!

The book launch for this thriller, my second after “It Can’t Be You” is scheduled for Saturday, December 1, 2012 at the Reliance TimeOut store at Mantri Square, one of Bangalore’s finest malls.