Ordering My Books

I am not really sure which of the bookstores have my books in stock. Many have them, some don’t. It’s very difficult to keep track. However, it is far easier for an author to provide links to on-line portals where the time to deliver is clearly stated. So, here goes as I try to put together all the links I came across, which you can use to order my books. Terms and conditions as also the prices do vary, but this may be useful to readers:-

  1. Home Shop 18 Author Page for Prem Rao
  2. Flipkart: It Can’t Be You
  3. Flipkart: Lucky For Some, 13
  4. Amegabooks: Lucky For Some, 13
  5. Just Books: Lucky For Some, 13.
  6. Amazon.com: It Can’t Be You.
  7. Junglee: It Can’t Be You
  8. NDTV Shopping: Both books
  9. URead: Lucky For Some, 13

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