My Talk At Trio World School

I always find it an interesting experience to interact with the young. I like to see what they think about and try to understand things from their perspective. I was delighted therefore to accept an invitation from the Trio World School, in Bangalore where I live, to speak to their students. This event was organized as part of their Literary Week.

On arriving at the school, I was impressed to find that the Houses were named after literary figures: Masefield, Shakespeare, Wordsworth and Kipling. This was something unique as far as I was concerned. I also saw some catchy slogans which urged the kids to develop the reading habit. I don’t remember all of them but I think one said, ” The kid who reads, succeeds”

In my talk I spoke of my own experiences as an author. I spoke of NaNoWriMo and how it had made me the writer I am today. I spoke of the making of my debut novel, “It Can’t Be You” in 2009 and how well it was received in different parts of the globe. I also spoke of  how I wrote my second thriller, ” Lucky For Some, 13.”

I was impressed by the questions put by the students. The kids were enthusiastic, sharp and quick to respond to some of the word exercises I had brought along for them. I emphasized that some amount of practical work is necessary reminding them of the old Chinese proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

I spoke of the time when I was a voracious reader at their age and how I dreamt that one day I too would write a thriller. I tried to make the talk interesting by interspersing it with with some apt quotations, like:-

•Most of the basic material a writer works with is acquired before the age of fifteen.– Willa Cather
•It is perfectly okay to write garbage–as long as you edit brilliantly.–- C. J. Cherryh
I hope they enjoyed the interaction as much as I did as I came away quite rejuvenated by the enthusiastic bunch of school kids who were perhaps in the 10-17 age bracket. They have  put up some pictures of the event on their Facebook Page.
Having me over to speak to the kids was a kind gesture on the part of their Headmaster, Mr. K.T. Karmachandran, a veteran educationist. I am thankful to Ms. Nisha Mohan, the Librarian there who co-ordinated my visit and made us feel so comfortable.

2 thoughts on “My Talk At Trio World School

  1. Thank you very much Mr.Prem Rao, it is a pleasure that you visited our school and our students really enjoyed it. Wish you all the best for more writings…..
    Nisha Mohan

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