Directory of Best Indian Blogs 2013-14

Every year, Indian Top Blogs lists it’s Directory of best Indian Blogs. I am delighted to share with you that this blog features in the list one more time.  It is one of the 525 blogs chosen for this honour. I feel quite elated today. I started this as my writing blog called, “Writing To Be Read” and as you know merged all my writing related stuff into this blog/website some time ago. Continue reading “Directory of Best Indian Blogs 2013-14”

My Talk At Trio World School

I always find it an interesting experience to interact with the young. I like to see what they think about and try to understand things from their perspective. I was delighted therefore to accept an invitation from the Trio World School, in Bangalore where I live, to speak to their students. This event was organized as part of their Literary Week. Continue reading “My Talk At Trio World School”

As An Author, What Works For You?

I had a book reading for my second thriller, Lucky For Some, 13″ which you can order from Flipkart, amongst other portals recently. During this interaction, which took place at Bangalore’s Easy Library, we had a very interesting conversation about authors, their styles of writing, how they approach a plot and many other related aspects. These points set me thinking. I would like to share some of the points that stayed in my mind at the end of the session. Continue reading “As An Author, What Works For You?”