Directory of Best Indian Blogs 2013-14

Every year, Indian Top Blogs lists it’s Directory of best Indian Blogs. I am delighted to share with you that this blog features in the list one more time.  It is one of the 525 blogs chosen for this honour. I feel quite elated today. I started this as my writing blog called, “Writing To Be Read” and as you know merged all my writing related stuff into this blog/website some time ago. Through this blog, I hope to continue to share my experiences as a writer as also share tips on writing that I pick up from others in the course of my reading. The people who put the Directory of Best Indian Blogs have a detailed process by which they evaluate each blog. If you are interested you will find a lot of information in their website.

A recurring theme in my blog posts has been just how much I have gained from visiting the blogs of others. There is a huge amount of wonderful stuff out there and all you need to do is to make some time each day to catch up on one blog or the other that you follow.

As the days go by, I like to think that if I keep posting as often as I do, and post material which is both interesting as well as educative, my blog too may feature in someone’s list of blogs to follow.


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