Interviews with Authors

I am one now myself, a published author but even before this I was fascinated by the world of authors. To tell you the truth, though I was a voracious reader since childhood I had never ever met an author in person. In the flesh, so to say. Continue reading “Interviews with Authors”

Pre-order “Lucky For Some, 13”

Yes, “Lucky For Some,13” my second soon to be published thriller is now available on pre-order basis, for delivery within India.  It is fast paced and is about a terrorist attack in Bangalore in September 2010. The price is most attractive, so grab copies for your self, your family and your friends from Amegabooks.  Continue reading “Pre-order “Lucky For Some, 13””

Peter Colaco’s “Bangalore”.

I thoroughly enjoyed Peter Colaco’s “Bangalore :A Century of Tales from City & Cantonment.” Perhaps since I have been a long time resident of Bangalore, including some years in the Fraser Town/Cox Town area, every page of the book resonated with me. The illustrations by Peter Fernandes are splendid and go a long way in enhancing the visual appeal of the book.

Continue reading “Peter Colaco’s “Bangalore”.”