Pre-order “Lucky For Some, 13”

Yes, “Lucky For Some,13” my second soon to be published thriller is now available on pre-order basis, for delivery within India.  It is fast paced and is about a terrorist attack in Bangalore in September 2010. The price is most attractive, so grab copies for your self, your family and your friends from Amegabooks. 

There are several benefits by pre-ordering. You get the book at an attractive price, which you may never see again. You are also assured of a copy at that price. It is delivered to you at home and you don’t have to go through the disappointment of going to your bookstores and finding that they have no copies left or are waiting for more copies to come in.

As more avenues for ordering the book online, come up, I shall keep you posted. If you are convinced, go right ahead and place that pre-order.


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