Advice For New Writers

As a new writer, be ready to be offered tons of advice. From a host of well-meaning friends, family and even others who don’t know you from Adam. The moment they come to know that you are a new writer, they are liable to say “Oh, have you tried this…..” or ” Really, I think you should spend more time on that…”

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It’s All About Your Characters

Yes, I am one of those who strongly believe that the success of your story depends upon the way you shape your characters. I guess it’s all about the characters. This thought comes to the fore in a recent interview I had with the well-known Indian Book Reviews.  You can catch the interview in full at their website here.

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Writerly Wisdom

While there can be no substitute for actual experience, it is good to get perspective on the different issues which you are bound to face when you wish to become a writer. Thanks to Jon Winokur for putting together an amazing list of “Writerly Wisdom Through The Ages”.

The beauty of this collection is that it covers a wide variety of topics. I recommend it be savoured at leisure. It’s not an item of fast food that you gulp down and run. It needs to be read at leisure when you dip into this collection from time to time , like when for example, you feel the need to be inspired.

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“Dinaz Dastur”- A Tribute to the Parsis

In “It Can’t Be You”, Dinaz Dastur is my small tribute to India’s Parsi community. Every community has its stereotypes and the Hindi movies when I was growing up unfortunately showed the Parsi almost always in comical light. The men were doddering people with thick spectacles who were easily fooled and the women were stout and gregarious. In Dinaz, I have tried to characterize a young, beautiful and talented Parsi woman. Some of them are truly beautiful. Continue reading ““Dinaz Dastur”- A Tribute to the Parsis”