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As some of you perhaps know, I have a writing blog called “Writing To Be Read.” In this blog, I post about writing, authors and books. For your convenience, I have linked the RSS feed from my writing blog to this site, so that it is easier for you to see the books I have reviewed. Your feedback on this feature and the reviews, of course, will be much appreciated.

Blog Carnivals

Blog carnivals are such fun! In December 2010, in my blog, “People at Work & Play” I wrote about HR Carnivals which were becoming very popular at that time. Recently, I got the opportunity to contribute to a blog carnival on a very different subject.

Author Marketing Experts, Inc. have a blog carnival called, “Tips and Tricks for Authors and Writers.” In my new role as an author, I contributed a blog post to the August 26, 2013 version of this carnival on “Writers and Advances.”  You will find tips on writing too contributed by Chris Fey, Nichole Bernier and Pa Ul.

You may like to sign on to the Blog Carnival site which helps you contribute to a very wide range of blog carnivals. If you so wish, you could host a blog carnival too, at your blog. Many of the questions you may have about blog carnivals in general are already answered in their FAQs.

With A Little Help From My Friends

Do you remember that old Beatles song, “With A Little Help From My Friends” which came out way back in ’67? I liked this song a lot and later another version of it by Joe Cocker who sang it in Woodstock in ’69. You may wonder what this has to do with writing or books, and I don’t blame you! Coming to the point, have you ever asked yourself how you can help your author friends? If you wish to, that is.

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What Makes Me Write?

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post, because 763,909 people from all over the world like their Facebook Page , and hey, all of them must have found some value in it, just as I did!

What makes me write? What makes me write every day? These are the reasons why I started writing as a second career after 35 years as a business executive, the last 10 of them being an independent consultant and executive coach. Continue reading “What Makes Me Write?”

Stock Take : A Writer’s Report

Students and practitioners of management will tell you that it makes a lot of sense to periodically take stock of what you want to achieve ( your goals) and where you are , with reference to the goals, at any point in time. I am sure this principle is equally applicable to writers too. I guess my background in management makes me present my report to you , for whatever it is worth.

If nothing else, it helps me figure out where I am and helps me to assign priorities. So here we go:

“Let The Dead Stay Dead” was written as my NaNo novel in 2011, which means the first 50,000 words were written way back in November 2011 for the National Novel Writing Month. This is again a thriller but writing this has been a very different, and may I add, demanding experience for me, as it deals with subjects which are new to me like mental health and law. As a result, the editing is still on and I took more time than I ordinarily would to make sure I was sure of my facts. This involved getting opinions and views of experts in fields I knew little about. I have written over 88,000 words so far, and the novel is nearing completion. I would guess it’s about 90 % complete. I need to buckle down and close this project in the next  3-5 months.

” A Bouquet From India” is a collection of short stories which I wrote for NaNoWriMo in November 2012. This was my first attempt in writing a bunch of short stories for the NaNoWriMo. There are 10 in all in about 51,000 words and I need to edit and improve upon them.

” Get Ahead! Your Personal Effectiveness Workbook” is a non-fiction project which, as the title suggests, is a collection of ideas that can help professionals, working in business organizations, large and small , as well as independent professionals/ entrepreneurs get ahead in their lives. These are largely based on my own experiences as a practicing Human Resources  executive, entrepreneur and executive coach for nearly four decades. The manuscript for this is complete at about 46,000 words and I guess the next step will be to see if anyone will buy it! I will of course share more about this as we go along.

So, as you can see, I have so much to do and really have my  hands full which is why I often describe myself as a full time writer.

Too Old To Write?

More often than not, my blog posts are not planned but come about through some trigger,  usually from something I saw or read. Today’s is no exception. The inspiration comes from this interesting article in the New York Times by Edward Kelsey Moore, ” At 52, Not Too Old for  a Debut Novel.” Continue reading “Too Old To Write?”

My Talk At Trio World School

I always find it an interesting experience to interact with the young. I like to see what they think about and try to understand things from their perspective. I was delighted therefore to accept an invitation from the Trio World School, in Bangalore where I live, to speak to their students. This event was organized as part of their Literary Week. Continue reading “My Talk At Trio World School”